Saturday, August 15, 2009

sighs a million

Ah, existence. It's rather a miracle sometimes. I feel like today I have everything and nothing to say... I think mostly I'm still, yes--still--avoiding finishing my epic suicide paper for the symposium next month --irk. So I'm trying to ponce around, doing everything else, instead of settling my brain towards a single task for 2 hours, during which I could probably finish that paper.
But of course, no. I think the biggest problem is that my head is still in "summer" gear---except that I was able to write papers for my summer lit class...
So that excuse goes out the window. GAH let's be honest, people! My head/brain/mind/thinking-bits are completely fixated on this midtour wedding thing! Now that it's becoming more and more likely (and it's only 5 months away... gasps and terror...), I just can't think straight. I mean, it's not even like I've got my head full of weddings and dresses and flowers or whatever---my head is just just just completely unfocused! AGH!
So pray for me, that I can start making sense in my own poor head.


  1. Praying. But you may have one less thing to think about now, eh? Bwahaha. Lurve.

  2. his midtour leave is in February right?

  3. I am such a fan of the midtour wedding thing. And by the way, I kinda miss you.

  4. Um...I can't wait for lunch! then I'll finally know what is going on!!